InsertFieldAfter Function in Word VBA

I wanted a function in Word VBA that would add a Field to a Range’s Fields collection and automatically extend the Range to include the added field.

This mimics the behavior of the Range.InsertAfter function and similar functions.

It allows you to keep adding text, fields, and other items to a Word document sequentially.

The function I created is called InsertFieldAfter. Its parameters mimic the parameters to the Fields.Add function.

The Range you pass in is extended to include the newly added Field. The new Range is also returned as the function return value for convenience.

The text of the function and related support functions is below, followed by an example of how to use the function.

' Expand the Range to include the added field and return it. Public Function InsertFieldAfter( _
             ByRef Range As Word.Range, _
             ByVal FieldType As WdFieldType, _
             ByVal Text As String, _
             Optional ByVal PreserveFormatting As Boolean = False _
         ) As Word.Range
     On Error GoTo handler
     Dim StartPos As Long, EndPos As Long
     StartPos = Range.Start
     Range.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd
     EndPos = Range.Fields.Add( _
             Range:=Range, _
             Type:=FieldType, _
             Text:=Text, _
             PreserveFormatting:=PreserveFormatting) _
         .Result.End + 1
     Range.SetRange StartPos, EndPos
     Set InsertFieldAfter = Range
     Exit Function
     ' handle any run-time error here
End Function 

Here’s a code snippet showing an example of its use:

With myRange
     .InsertAfter "Here is a field: "
     InsertFieldAfter Range:=myRange, FieldType:=wdFieldEmpty, Text:="REF Field1"
     .InsertAfter vbCrLf & "Here is another field: "
     InsertFieldAfter Range:=myRange, FieldType:=wdFieldEmpty, Text:="REF Field2"
     .InsertAfter vbCrLf
End With 

Happy coding!

2 thoughts on “InsertFieldAfter Function in Word VBA

  1. BVMeyer

    One more big “thank you” from another coder out here in the cold; your work is appreciated, as is your generosity in putting it where we can find and use it.

  2. KF

    Hi Devid,

    Thanks you so much for this code. Hats off to you… indeed it helped a lot to my problem as I was struggling since few hours.

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